The Book


A Kickstarter Campaign is currently running to pay for the first print of the book. Check it out here:

The Story

In an idyllic Kingdom, the King passes away with no heir to the throne. Two men make a bid for crown. Ludwig says he’ll just keep things the way they are, while John promises to make everyone’s lives better. When John wins the right to rule the Kingdom, he creates a paper money scheme in an attempt to deliver on his promises. However, the unintended consequences quickly lead the kingdom towards collapse…

The Purpose

The Illusion of Money is a poetic tale aimed at getting children thinking about the true nature of money, while fostering a healthy amount of skepticism in leaders who promise too much.

Sample Spreads

The text was written by Matthew Scott and illustrated by Luisa Galstyan.

Kickstarter Launch

The release is set for November, 2021. A Kickstarter campaign is now live so you can pre-order the book here:


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