The Book

In an idyllic Kingdom, the King passes away with no heir to the throne. Two men make a bid for crown. Ludwig says he’ll just keep things the way they are, while John promises to make everyone’s lives better. When John wins the right to rule the Kingdom, he creates a paper money scheme in an attempt to deliver on his promises. However, the unintended consequences quickly lead the kingdom towards collapse…

The Purpose

Children are born into a world where money drives nearly all aspects of life, but most are never taught about the nature of modern money. When they become adults spending their days working for and spending money, the vast majority still don’t understand the monetary system.

This is a huge problem, because how the monetary system works has a major impact on how society is organized and functions (or doesn’t). This book aims to raise awareness about this important topic.

It is meant to be a basis to get kids thinking about the nature of money and how the monetary system impacts society. Adults who read this book to children need to well informed in order to handle the questions that might come to field the questions that might arise from reading this book. The Resources section provides more information and links to resources to prepare you for this task.

Sample Spreads

The text was written by Matthew Scott and illustrated by Luisa Galstyan.